Our policy as Konfort Özel Sağlık Hizmetleri is to  accelerate our efforts on the issue of institutionalization, and while providing continuous improvment parallel to universal innovations, following and implementing technological developments closely in our active Quality Assurance System, At the same time, improving and refreshing products and services we offer to our customers within the system, our policy is to provide increasing confidence to Quality Asurance System in the sector, and to maintain it, and to be a reliable company that increases customer satisfaction and sought in an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer in all processes.

Within the framework of ISO13485 Quality Management Systems, we aim to continuously increase the quality level and devote quality awareness for all employees by centering importance of teamwork to become more competent and able to use their abilities at the highest level. 

In order to make our company name and Turkey to the world,  we aim to move our existing technical, administrative and financial savings to abroad and provide our products to the service of human health in accordance with national and international legal requirements and ensure that they are used safely.

Our products are CE certified and Class I Ostomy, Class IIA NPWT Wound Therapy Device, Class IIB Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure and Collection Sets, Class III Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure With Silver sets are produced in accordance with the legislation and reach its users.